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KMT Kraus Messtechnik – founded in 1979 and located in Munich, Germany, the company specialized in the design and manufacture of optical test equipment for IBM Magnetic disks.

1980 enter in the field of mobile data acquisition systems and design the first PCM encoder/decoder with tape recorder and telemetry option.

1988 start to develop worldwide, market what use the DAT-technology for mobile data acquisition, design the D10/16 DAT recorder for record, and reproduce up to 16 analogue channels.

1990 concentrates on the production of small telemetry systems, DAT tape recorder, signal conditioning and customer specified solutions.

KMT Kraus Messtechnik has a high level of experience and well-known leader in these fields. The systems are designed for mobile data acquisition, transmitting, storing and analysis of strain, torque, vibrations, force, shock, displacement, temperature and flow under extreme ruff conditions. The size is very small and robust to fulfill lot requirements for mobile applications.

Applications in research, test departments and production line of vehicles, racing cars and aircraft as well as aerospace and in the military area. KMT Kraus Messtechnik systems exported today worldwide.

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AOS Technologies is a leading manufacturer of top quality, high speed cameras and high speed imaging systems. Our high speed cameras and video systems are used worldwide in demanding environments where precise, accurate high speed recordings are a must. High speed cameras can record the details of impacts and provide in-depth visual insights into events that happen during accidents. Whether industrial, automotive or defense and space applications, AOS high speed cameras are providing insights into the fast mechanical events in a broad range of applications.

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