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Reliable Solutions for
Your Instrumentation Needs
ITEL provides
On-site Strain gauge pasting and DAQ applications
Technical support for the complete measuring chain
Commissioning and Training for best usage of equipment
Repairs at our works (not for hermetically sealed sensors)
Leased equipment for permanent availability of your measuring equipment
Seminars and training sessions for practice-oriented know-how
ITEL offers you
Competent advice to help you choose measuring equipment and measurement methods
Strain gauge application
Sensor mounting for all required measurements
Cabling and connection of all measuring equipment to the amplifier
Recording and storage of measured values
Processing and analysis of measurement data
Experimental stress analysis
Experimental stress analysis helps you to optimize the materials usage of your products, to analyze your production processes or to define efficient maintenance intervals 
Commissioning and training
Our service engineers will install, set up and run your components for you and optimize their connection to other system components. They subsequently provide technical training for your staff.
Your benefits
Expert technical expertise.You'll have access to the people who know our technology best and who have a vested interest in your success
Priority response.You receive priority over warranty customers or those without a support contract, reducing downtime
Fixed support cost.No guessing games when forecasting your budget for maintenance services. Paying for services on an incremental basis may be more expensive for you over time; our bundled services are more economical
Convenience.The administrative paperwork is taken care of up front which means you've avoided delays in establishing a payment vehicle with each service call
Safeguards your investment.Ongoing, comprehensive support coverage helps to prolong and protect your valuable investment
ITEL Service contract benefits
Accurate measurement data is crucial for fulfilling your time and budget targets in development, production and testing. Why not minimize the risk of encountering measurement difficulties by entering into our service contracts
Guaranteed response times
Minimal downtimes
Guaranteed price stability
ITEL competent repair service
We will gladly support you when your measurement technology needs repairing. At our facilities, experts will examine the defective components and quickly and thoroughly perform the relevant repair. Our proximity to the product developers ensures that we can also resolve difficult situations for you.
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